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Online PageRank Checker

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Description #

For the input web page URL, Online PageRank Checker returns a single number from 0 to 10 that summarizes an importance of the given web page for the Google Search engine1.

The PageRank algorithm is named by one of its authors and founders of Google – Lawrence Page. It analyses hypertext links between web pages in order to count how valuable each web page is for consumers. Links on more important web pages are counted with a higher value than those on less important web pages. The scale of PageRank value is logarithmic, which means that, for example, a page with rank 2 is considered to be of much less importance than a page with rank 3, which is then again of much less importance than a page with rank 4 etc. Page with rank 2 is thus significantly less than two times less important than the one with rank 4. Page without a rank are provided with 0 rank value. There are very few webs with the highest PageRank 9 or 10, some of them are,,, and

For more information about the PageRank algorithm, please visit the original paper introducing Google. For more comprehensive web site ranking, please visit Webscore Page Rank tool. Webscore Page Rank, however, can obtain ranks for the whole domain only. Online PageRank Checker returns Google PageRank for arbitrary web page.

1 PageRank and Google are trademarks of Google Inc.

Usage #

In order to get PageRank of a URL, type it into the URL field and hit the "Evaluate!" button.